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   "Inspired by the vast, flat terrain she has experienced in regions as diverse as Australia and the Caribbean, Ms. Jurow both simplifies and intensifies her observations into schematic interpretations of landscape, filling sky and land with rich variations on a single dominant hue. The initial impression of flatness immediately gives way to a sense of space as one perceives the complexity of the color layering, which is subtle and sensuous."
~ Helen Harrison, New York Times ~

Maxine Jurow ~ "It's a Great Day"

~ Featured Painting ~

"It's a Great Day"
Acrylic on Panel

 "It's a Great Day" is one of a series of works
composed in green and turquoise hues. 
Each painting below is also part of a larger series.

Please click on any of the titles below the paintings to bring you to a larger view.
Maxine Jurow ~ "Early Spring"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Gold Calling"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Green Pastures"

Maxine Jurow ~ "Green Horizon"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Yellow Sky"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Turquoise Ribbon"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Grey Symphony"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Blue Water"
Maxine Jurow ~ "Distant Impression"

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